2315 Randolph Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28207, United States


5% of Profits Donated

We've partnered with the Humane Society to help the homeless pets in our community! 

5% of all profits at Bijou Workspace are donated to the Humane Society of Charlotte.

About Us

What is Bijou?

The word 'Bijou' comes from the French and, simply put, means 'small and elegant.' When envisioning her workspace, this is exactly how owner Lori Parrish would describe it.

What is Bijou Workspace?

Bijou Workspace is a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, work-from-homers, and anyone else who needs a place to get things done...the catch: we encourage you to bring your dog to work! 

If your dog is the reason you haven't yet joined a coworking space or avoid the coffee shop scene, then Bijou is the place for you. For less than the price of a daily latte, you can work among other dog lovers in a dog-centric community each day!

Who is Bijou Workspace?

Bijou Workspace was founded by entrepreneur Lori Parrish, who didn't want to work on all of her projects in such a big place by herself! She decided that, instead of struggling to get things done at home or open an office where she'd be the only one working there, she would open her office up to the public in the form of a co-working space. Lori provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where a cup of coffee or a glass of wine is shared among friends on the daily. And of course, treats for pups are shared, too!

With Lori's two dogs in the picture, it was obvious that the space Lori opened would be open to her dogs and others, as well. She couldn't leave her 17-year-old lady pup at home by herself every day and knew she would miss them while she was away. Being a dog trainer, as well, Lori's passion for dogs is no secret and shows up in all of her work.